Anatomy of back muscle

3 Lower back exercises: the lower back exercises should be part of the back training

In my previous article on calf and arm exercises, I wrote about exercises for body parts that were ignored by many coaches. Another part of the body that is usually left is the lower back.

Many coaches develop their backs, but focus on the upper back, especially Deltoids and trapezoid, for the triangular aspect of this upper body. They do not give the same attention to the lower back.

It’s your serious mistake. The lower back plays an important role, especially if the trainer is working on the ABS (and which coach does it work on the abs?). The strong muscles of the lower back are counterpoint from the increased abdominal strength, to maintain the correct posture.

Here are 3 exercises for the lower back, to reinforce an important part of your anatomy:

  • Extension of the Back (mattress): Lying on the mattress, facing down, with arms (outside the head). Lift one leg and one replacement sleeve (if you lift the right leg, lift the left arm and vice versa). Raise your head also with that movement.
  • Rear Extension (Bank): If your gym has a bank dedicated to this exercise, lie down. Stretch your hand and place your hand on the chest (you can drop it this way to get more resistance). Bend your body up to 90 degrees between the legs and upper body. Remove the upper body slowly until straight.
  • Concofy the body forward, making sure your waist is bent and not your feet. Lift your body. Make sure your head isn’t leaning forward on your chest so the blade doesn’t rotate.

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