Lose weight in the chest: diet and exercise to burn fat around the chest Many people want a toned body, but it can be very difficult to tighten their body parts, especially for men. The fat stored in your chest can be a very difficult area to work with. It can also be very frustrating and very embarrassing. When you’re one of those who lose chest weight is a challenge,

Tighten the facial muscles – Facial exercises As more and more people begin to understand that physical fitness is more than just a healthy diet and regular exercise, more and more people realize that facial muscles also need exercise, especially during facial exercises. There is no doubt that most of the time, we keep the expression for a long time, be it a smiling line, frown or worried. The extra

3 Lower back exercises: the lower back exercises should be part of the back training In my previous article on calf and arm exercises, I wrote about exercises for body parts that were ignored by many coaches. Another part of the body that is usually left is the lower back. Many coaches develop their backs, but focus on the upper back, especially Deltoids and trapezoid, for the triangular aspect of

Spinal anatomy: Muscle anatomy of the back The main goal of your spine is to sustain your body weight and protect the spinal cord from injury. Your columns also have specific objectives; It is used to carry messages from the brain to the nerves and then nerves throughout your body. Because these nerves affect all types of body parts, when the spine is damaged, it can have a dramatic effect

The secrets of muscle development for beginners When you want to develop muscles, there are many tips and tricks that you will know about different people. Some of them are myths and others are hypotheses, but there is also truth. The most important thing is you are looking for the secrets of building muscles from the authorities, not just from others. Here are some of the official bodybuilding secrets gathered

Bodybuilding is easier as you steer your muscles As for your body, there are two types of basic exercises. Some exercises are just aerobic and will help your cardiovascular system, boost your metabolism and help you lose weight if done quite often in combination with the right diet and the right lifestyle. This is an exercise that does not target certain parts of your body, such as walking, swimming, biking,

Is your muscles heavier than fat? Are muscles heavier than fat? This is a question I often hear. If you think about it, the answer is easy, especially if you ask questions differently. A better way to ask is whether one pound of muscle has a weight of more than a pound of fat. Of course the answer is that both have the same weight. I think what we are