Does muscle way more than fat

Is your muscles heavier than fat?

Are muscles heavier than fat? This is a question I often hear. If you think about it, the answer is easy, especially if you ask questions differently. A better way to ask is whether one pound of muscle has a weight of more than a pound of fat. Of course the answer is that both have the same weight.

I think what we are trying to say when we say that muscles are heavier than fat is more dense muscle than fat. This statement actually means that a pound of muscle requires a smaller volume to support than a pound of fat. Muscles looks tense and toned and looks great, big.

Another misconception

Another misconception is that if you stop exercising, muscles will be great. This is not true. If you know someone who is very muscular, for example, a footballer, and you see it 6 months later and he is now fat, his muscles do not become obese. For this to happen, he must stop exercising. However, during this time, you continue to eat the same amount of food and you know what happens when you eat more calories than you burn.

Obviously muscles not to be obese. It seems so. In fact, your situation is a good lesson to learn, that if you stop exercising, but continue to eat with the same amount of food, you will gain weight. So, if for some reason you get hurt and you can’t exercise, reduce your calories or your muscles will also seem to gain weight.

The reason this may be motivated by the belief that if you start exercising your fat, it will be muscle or, if you stop exercising, your muscles will become larger. None of these statements are true. Each cloth has a different composition. You can add muscle or reduce fat. You can lose muscle or gain weight. However, muscle and fat cannot be converted.

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